Key objectives:

Quiip was tasked to build key governance documentation to cover 24/7 global campaign activity and cater to the critical risk around mental health and the disclosure of suicidal thoughts. We were to manage all high and critical risk activity on shift.

Key responsibilities:

Community Management

We provided advice to Movember staff in six markets on managing community discussions around mental health and suicide. The nature of this campaign meant that conversation was encouraged as much as possible. Examples of this included asking if a commenter was OK, asking if they had someone they trust they could talk to, and encouraging them to share their story (within community guidelines).

Crisis Management

Quiip provided 24/7 moderation cover over the 72 hours surrounding World Suicide Prevention Day and 12 hours of cover for the days before and after of that week.

We checked the Facebook and Twitter channels for each of Movember’s six global markets (Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Canada and USA) as well as Movember’s Instagram account. We also supported and advised the Movember CMGR’s on handling any high-risk content between Quiip shifts.

Movember specifically engaged Quiip to handle critical and high-risk content. In order to do so we worked alongside Movember’s in-house community managers, who were on hand, to action all low risk and non-campaign content. The Quiip and Movember teams used Slack for inter-team communication during moderation shifts – helping to prevent duplication of work.

Due to the high-risk nature of this campaign, Quiip provided 24/7 moderation coverage at the peak of the campaign to ensure there was always someone on to manage any risk. As the campaign slowed, we made sure that community guidelines were in place and that all posts had responses containing important emergency service and support information.

During the campaign Quiip provided 24/7 moderation for three days at the peak of the campaign and then scaled back to 12 hours of coverage for the remainder of the campaign period. When Movember re-posted the video in November, Quiip was re-engaged to provide a further 24-hour coverage for the first 24 hours and then scaled back to 12 hours of coverage for the remaining three days.

Key achievements:

Quiip delivered a full governance strategy, including a risk matrix and community guidelines encompassing mental health and suicide.

We provided response templates and documentation on how to talk about mental health and suicide, which was used by Quiip, Movember and Movember’s campaign partners. We also provided 110 hours of active community management. 3 critical risk posts and 76 high-risk posts were resolved.