Dates June 2017 – Present

Services Strategy, Content and Community Management


Quiip’s main objectives were to create an overarching digital content strategy that sparked conversation, challenged societal norms, and inspired everyday Victorian women to be more active without fear of judgement or societal pressures.


Under guidance from Quiip, VicHealth’s high profile This Girl Can – Victoria campaign sought to challenge societal norms and manage push back around expectations of women’s physical activity. The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns of 2020 threatened to disrupt the campaign’s progress and limit the success of its five year behaviour change goals.

An additional challenge was the restriction on in-person events, which prevented key campaign event ‘This Girl Can Week’ from being held in March. Ad creative was also not compliant with restrictions and had to be pulled.


Quiip pivoted quickly, switching to a strategy that used social media to encourage women to get active in their own homes.

Using our expertise in community building and behaviour change campaigns, Quiip was constantly optimising hand-in-hand with VicHealth to deliver on the new strategy and navigate the reduced availability of ways women could get active. Conducting day-to-day community management across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we engaged with the community, pushing it to thrive and grow both during and outside of challenging lockdown periods.

Strategic and targeted social advertising recommendations also helped promote posts to specific audiences, increasing reach and engagement. We created opportunities for users to share their experiences with the community. These stories were then often featured as UGC to help encourage connection between Victorian women, drive ownership of the campaign, and build a sense of belonging.


Quiip’s team adeptly managed all social media channels, digital content strategy and risks, engaging with the audience per tone of voice guides. In total, almost 320,000 Victorian women were inspired to keep moving by the campaign, despite the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Other key achievements during the peak activity period (1st Mar – 30th Jun 2020) include:
• Three key ambassador home workout videos had over 3,000 social media engagements (likes, comments or shares) and almost 5,000 views on YouTube.
• The workout videos had an organic reach on Facebook of 77,570 people without ad buys, and high completion rates across the board.
• Across all the social channels, This Girl Can – Victoria’s social channels grew by over 5,000 followers.

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