Services Rendered June 2018 – Present: Community Management, Community Strategy, Community Governance

The Challenge

The 100 Day Challenge deals with sensitive issues including addiction, mental health, relationship challenges and financial insecurity linked to the participants gambling experiences. This creates a high-risk environment for the members who rely on the app’s online forum for anonymous peer support. VRGF has a duty of care to provide active moderation and connect high-risk or distressed users with additional support.

The Solution

As specialists in high-risk and peer support forums, Quiip were enlisted prior to the app launch to develop Community Governance documentation including a response guide, risk matrix, and escalation procedures that allow for effective moderation, risk mitigation, and appropriate and timely response to at-risk users. This was followed by the creation of a long-term Community Strategy in 2020, based on Quiip’s proprietary
strategic framework.

Quiip’s global team monitor the 100 Day Challenge forum across a 24 hour cycle, structured in periodic shifts with a concentration around times of peak activity. The team’s priority is to assess posts for user risk and guideline breaches, then take action in accordance with governance procedures. Each Quiip Community Manager assigned to this project holds a Mental Health First Aid certificate and is trained to assess critical situations and respond, intervene, and escalate as necessary.

In 2019, we identified a need to expand the support options available to high-risk users where peer support was no longer sufficient. Together with VRGF we formed a partnership with a clinical practice specialising in addiction, suicidality and mental health issues to be able to refer individuals for external 1:1 counselling with all costs covered.

The Quiip team is also focused on community health, engagement and meeting strategic growth outcomes. Using a shared moderator persona, we maintain a visible presence in the community and actively foster open and supportive discussions.


Originally envisaged as a limited-term campaign, the immediate success of the 100 Day Challenge inspired VRGF to extend the initiative and retain Quiip’s services.

Success factors include app downloads, monthly active users and volume of community activity.

However the primary success indicator is the positive change in gambling behaviour and reduction of gambling harm in app users. Behaviour change is tracked using a day counter connected to each account, as well as self-reported improvements by participants in the forums. In most instances, this can be directly attributed to regular app use and consistent engagement within the community. Data collection in this space is preliminary but ongoing.

Quiip have successfully built and maintained a well-managed, safe, and engaging online space for community members to connect and seek peer support. Community health indicators are positive, including the existence of super-users and retention of ’graduate’ members.

Quiip has delivered recommendations on moderation functionality and user experience, supported by feedback from community users. An upgrade to the app including the redevelopment of the forum platform is expected to be complete by 2022.