Meet the Team: Dan

by Alison Michalk May 23, 2023

At Quiip we have over 24 community managers based around Australia, and the globe. We love having the opportunity to dive into their insights and stories, and we look forward to introducing everyone across 2023. In this edition we meet Community Manager, Dan.

When did you join Quiip, and what led you to Quiip?
I joined Quiip 4 years ago, after speaking with Alison on a panel at General Assembly and being impressed by both the work she was doing, and the values she held in her approach to community and business. I’d been disillusioned with corporate life after some unhealthy workplaces, so it was refreshing to see a company who cared so much for the wellbeing of both their team and clients.

What were some of your prior roles?
I’ve worked in a wide range of positions. I was a rollerblade instructor for over a decade, all ages and fitness levels. Roles that covered every aspect of sales: inbound, outbound, cold calling, retail, B2B business development. Technical support, both in store and over the phone. Conflict and complaint resolution. Staff training, TESOL teaching on a volunteer basis. Media production, specialising in video and copywriting. Public speaking. All of these roles gave me skills that I can utilise in my work at Quiip today.

What are some of your favourite places on the internet?
Of course Twitter and TikTok for news, entertainment and education. Instagram to keep up with friends or people I admire. I enjoy podcasts and videos on interesting topics or that help me improve. On my phone, I love Duolingo. I’m also enjoying using OpenAI and other platforms to explore what’s next in AI tools.

What are the current client projects you work on?
My largest two clients are SBS and Woolworths Bunch. Both these clients have their challenges and the work is also rewarding. I also work with some seasonal clients like Movember, Australian Unity, Leo Burnett. The variety of work is great.

What project/client stands out and why do you enjoy it?
SBS feels like you tap into the virtual town square and can see what discussions are being had on any given current event. Woolworths for the kind and caring community they have, plus there are so many delicious looking recipes posted by the bunchees.

Are there any brand communities or social media that you really love?
I can’t think of one specific brand or community, but I love things that focus on goodness, kindness, and bring value to their audience. If we talk about personal brands, I really enjoy content from people like Jim Kwik, Texas Beeworks, Lewis Howes, Matthew Hussey, Esther Perel. I recently started following a lot of profiles from Brazil, that country is a meme factory. The creativity and talent of the influencers or celebrities from Brazil is inspiring and can be hilarious.

What does flexible work enable you to get up to outside of work?
I love being able to start my day slow, some yoga, a walk to a café, shopping without the pressure of stores being near closing time, go to the gym in the afternoon. I’ve become more involved in the community around me through having that time in the day to meet people and chat.

What is something quirky or interesting about you?
I’m the number one battle rap filmer/director in Australia. I’ve been filming rap battles here since 2006, and while the Australian market for battles is still relatively small compared to the UK or the US/Canada, the fans are very passionate. One battle I filmed and edited, 360 vs Kerser, was the fastest viewed rap battle worldwide at the time it was released, we clocked up over a million views in the first week. While there can be some outdated insults in battles, the overall motivation for the rappers is to improve their writing skills while challenging themselves against the best of their peers and I’ve seen some great support for each other within the Australian community.

What do you think the future of social media and/or community management holds?
Less toxicity. It can seem like some online communities are toxic, but one thing I’ve learned while moderating is that the toxic portion of any community is usually a small number of people who happen to be lonely and have a lot of time on their hands, so they post or engage more than others. Brands and groups are getting better with moderation of those toxic posts, or removing people who don’t contribute anything positive to the community, and this leads to better conversations and connections.

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