Meet the Team: Dr Allie

by Alison Michalk December 09, 2022

Next up in our Meet The Team Series, we’re thrilled to introduce Dr Allie Milfull, Strategy Consultant at Quiip. When you partner with Quiip you get the opportunity to work with a team of 24 wonderful community and social media managers. All whom bring their own fascinating stories, lives, insights and experience to the hive mind. This is our second post in the series, so dive in and meet Allie.

Alison Milfull

When did you join Quiip, and what led you to Quiip?

I joined Quiip about 18 months ago. I attended an Australian Community Managers event and, at the time, was exploring partnering with a certified B Corporation to provide strategy services. I was very impressed by all my interactions with Alison and the team and, in particular, the clear commitment to positive impact.

What were some of your prior roles?

My professional background is leading marketing, digital and communications for purpose-driven organisations. This has included leading teams at ACMI, Greenfleet, La Trobe University and Zoos Victoria, plus agency-side and consulting experience in digital strategy and engagement with Squiz and 2040 film.

What are some of your favourite places on the internet?

This is a hard question as it always changes …  Generally speaking, I particularly appreciate practice and interest-based groups that have shared values around the environment, climate action and wildlife conservation. I am also increasingly finding moments of delight in local community and Facebook groups, where a genuine sense of community spirit and local support is evident. 

What are the current client projects you work on? 

I am currently working with a diverse range of clients across the FMCG, retail, not-for-profit and financial services sectors. Projects have included social media strategy development, online community strategy, online governance and risk frameworks, community architecture development, maturity assessments and audits.

What project/client stands out and why do you enjoy it?

I recently completed a competitor benchmarking project for one of Quiip’s partners and enjoyed the opportunity to delve deeper into number of leading global brands and their social media approach, including what was working well and opportunities for improvement. 

Are there any brand communities or social media that you really love?

Woolworths bunch and Bunnings Workshop communities are very strong examples of brand communities which are both delivering member value and contributing to building strong brand loyalty. There are also a number of communities and organisations on social media who are very consciously working on changing the tone online to ensure a safer, better, more inclusive online environment for all.

What does flexible work enable you to get up to outside of work?

Flexible and remote working has enabled me to work from various locations, including Canberra and Merimbula, and spend more time with family. On a regular basis, it’s also enabled me to ensure I spend more time in nature and get in some yoga practice … Well, usually!

What is something quirky or interesting about you?

While I’ve always been a cat lover, I also became the proud owner of four chickens – Perseverance, Prudence, Patience and Pivot – during the pandemic. It’s fair to say that I am now hooked. 

What do you think the future of social media and/or community management holds?

Given the challenges we are experiencing this decade from the climate and ecological crises to the on-going pandemic, I think social media and online communities are uniquely placed to grow engagement, inspire positive change and drive action. Our communications landscape has absolutely transformed and it will also continue to change. I think we all have a responsibility to use the tools that we have right now to make a positive difference. 

Do you have a question for Dr Allie or the Quiip team? Get in touch with questions: If you’re interested in joining Quiip please check out our jobs page. Check out the rest of the Meet the Team series on our blog.