Our latest Impact Report

by Quiip Team October 18, 2022

As an impact-led business and B-Corp, sharing the progress of our impact is important to us, as is the satisfaction of our customers and team. These measures are all tracked and published in our regular Impact Reports.

FY22 – our best year yet!

Our FY22 Impact Report captures two years of progress by Quiip. While our primary impact continues to be delivered through the great work we do connecting, protecting and supporting people online, we maintain radical hope that the exponential growth of the B Corp movement will build and scale a new economy that values people and planet, too.

While 2021 was a challenging year globally, Quiip nevertheless made serious strides in improving our impact and how we do business.

Our achievements included:

• Increasing our B Impact Assessment score from 82 to 104.
• Improving our client Net Promoter Score from 8.9 to 9.2/10 
• Growing the Quiip team to 24 staff.
• Donating more than 1% of revenue, with A$23,485 donated in FY22. 
• Maintaining our carbon-neutral status through Pathzero and committing to NetZero2030

Last but not least we provided world-class services to a huge range of clients and improved their impact through connecting, protecting and supporting people online. 

Meeting our SDGs

United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were created by the United Nations in 2015. They comprise 17 goals and 169 actionable targets to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and tackle climate change by 2030. At Quiip we also recognise that private enterprise has a significant role to play in achieving the UN’s SDGs. One of the six identified transformational challenges required to meet the goals is “digital transformation” in which social media and online communities have an important role to play. At Quiip our work across varied industries supports a number of the SDGs but most often SDG 3 of “Good Health & Wellbeing”. This plays out in our work around mental health, suicide prevention, gambling harm reduction, sexual and physical health campaigns. We chose to work towards 5 specific goals through our probono work, and our giving commitment. Many of our clients also had aligned goals.

Our Work and Team

The Quiip team

In FY22 we worked with 55 online communities across industries and tech platforms, from non-profits to finance & retail. 

Due to organic growth (not growth for growth’s sake) our team grew from 15 to 24 Quiipees. We continued to offer our a huge range of benefits including team bonuses; interest-free loans; primary and secondary caregiver leave; donation matching; access to a socially responsible superannuation fund (Future Super); a health & wellbeing bonus; anniversary bonus and paid volunteer time. As a result, our internal employee satisfaction survey delivered an outstanding 9.5/10 when asked “overall how would you rate Quiip as a place to work”.

Of course, there would be no Quiip without our fantastic clients. Our Client Listening Report saw us improve our ‘net promoter score’ from 8.9 to 9.2. Not only is a high standard of client service delivery important to us, we believe this comprehensive review and feedback creates transparency within the company. We like to partner with organisations that also make a positive impact. To that end, 59% of the work we did last year was for purpose-driven organisations or campaigns. 

Finally, we also developed and advocated for improved mental health practices and self-care in our industry by providing Resilience Training, and communicating widely on this topic. 

Our Environmental Impact

At Quiip our vision is to be an environmentally-committed leader in responsible business. We strive to exceed and push the boundaries of what is expected in terms of environmental best practice. We have an Environmental Management System (EMS) to help us better manage the environmental aspects of our operations. 

As a B Corp, we recognise the planet as a primary stakeholder. As a company we understand the criticality of climate change and that our actions and decisions can contribute to its impacts, prevention and/or reversal. We also recognise that Climate Action is one of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) identified in the United Nations’ SDGs. 

As a business, we have committed to NetZero 2030 and are using the SME Climate Hub to report on our progress. We have, thankfully maintained Carbon Neutral status as certified by Pathzero. While we recognise the need to avoid and reduce emissions first and foremost, Quiip supported carbon offset projects through South Pole including Australian native vegetation regeneration and protection.

In FY22 we also became a paid member of the Comms Declare movement, pledging not to support fossil fuel companies. Putting our words into action, we turned away work with a major fossil fuel company. 

Our Social Impact

At Quiip our vision is to be a socially responsible business. In terms of our social impact -our mission itself is to connect, protect and support people online by creating safe and inclusive spaces. As a B Corp we recognise people as primary stakeholders. This includes staff, clients, suppliers and the members we engage with online. 

Some of the recipients of our giving program.

Our work saw us deliver services to: reduce gambling harm (Vic Responsible Gambling Foundation); increase physical activity of women (This Girl Can); improve road safety and save lives (StreetSmarts); increase awareness of mental health, testicular cancer risk and prostate cancer risk (Movember); youth mental health and peer support (Reach Out); raise awareness around the impact of alcohol during pregnancy and breastfeeding (FARE), and support mental health and addiction services (Turning Point). 

Our team participated in First Nations Cultural Competence training provided by Ngarrimili, and provided pro-bono support to a number of organisations to the value of $8755. 

Our Giving Commitment At Quiip we aim to donate at least 1.1% of our revenue (not profits) to non-profits. To quote Patagonia, “it’s not philanthropy it’s the cost of doing business on this planet.” 

In FY22 we donated approximately $23,485 to charitable causes. The chief recipients of our giving commitment this year were Climate Council Australia, Seed Mob (Australian Youth Climate Coalition) $5,000 and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Included in the above amount we provided charity matching for our team, donating $2485 to organisations of their choice including Cancer Council, Halfcut, WIRES, Amnesty International and the Karrkad Kanjdji Trust.

Thanks for letting us share our Impact. If you’re interested in our social media and online community management services, our B Corp certification, our staff satisfaction score or any of the initiatives we’ve mentioned in our Impact Report, please get in touch at quiip.com.au.

You can also ask us questions about the report on LinkedIn.