Quiip commits to leaving a positive trace

by Alison Michalk February 13, 2023

With the new year commencing, renewing and strengthening our commitment to climate and environmental action is a key focus for Quiip. And we are delighted to announce that Quiip has partnered with trace to become a Carbon Neutral Organisation!

This means that we’ve measured the carbon emissions of our business operations – and fully remote workforce – and have offset 100% of those emissions through certified carbon credits and tree planting. Quiip continues to be considered a carbon neutral business, due to balancing our current emissions with carbon credits from projects that avoid or remove emissions from the atmosphere.  

In addition, we are helping leave a positive trace by funding certified climate projects, including revegetation and ecosystem restoration. You can see our impact and some of the projects we are supporting here.

Measuring emissions for remote working 

Quiip has always been a fully remote team and our focus on flexibility and innovation is reflected in our company values. While this delivers significant benefits including reduced transport emissions and avoidance of office-based energy consumption, a key challenge is to estimate the environmental impact of our team when working from home. 

In greenhouse gas reporting, remote working emissions are usually referred to as Scope 3 emissions and, for many businesses, measuring and addressing these supply chain emissions remains a work in progress. However, for Quiip, our Scope 3 emissions constitute our core footprint and require a priority focus.

Partnering with trace has enabled us to combine internal data collection with an employee engagement campaign to assess our team’s work-related emissions. Following completion of the campaign, we then offset 100% of these emissions with the aim of minimising the environmental impact of our current operations. 

While our emissions profile may be considered small for many businesses, together SMEs are estimated to emit 40% of Australia’s emissions. If each business takes action to reduce their own emissions and also encourages their workforce to take personal action, we have the potential to make a very significant contribution to overall emissions reduction!

Our next steps will be to continue to monitor and reduce our emissions by implementing a new climate action and sustainability roadmap and empowering our team members – and their households – to join us in taking positive action.

Our climate action journey

At Quiip, we are particularly passionate about environmental sustainability and regeneration. As a certified B Corporation, we report regularly on our impact and are hoping to grow our climate commitment to help protect people, wildlife and environment.

While we recognise the benefits of carbon offsetting programs, we are also very conscious that offsetting alone is not a solution to the climate crisis. We understand that urgent action is required, first and foremost, to avoid and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. 

As our CEO Alison Michalk states, “We look forward to sharing the next steps on our journey, as we work to reduce our emissions as team and leave a positive trace on our planet. At Quiip, we believe that by taking collective action, we can go further and faster together.”

About Trace: Trace is an Australian-born, female-founded climate-technology company on a mission to reduce the barriers for individuals and businesses to go carbon neutral. Trace’s platform makes it easy for businesses to measure and offset their footprint. Learn more at: https://www.our-trace.com/.

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