We live and breathe community.

Our community managers draw social science and the art of online communications into content and conversation.

Why partner with Quiip?

When we say we are experienced, we mean it. Our senior team have been practising community managers for a minimum of four years and many of our team are tertiary-qualified communications professionals.

We deliver expertise:

  • When you hire our team, they can make a considered response within seconds and always remain on-brand. They can quickly recommend the best course of action in a crisis situation and remain calm.  They understand your audience and can translate that into actionable insights and improvements.

We offer peace of mind:

  • Our industry reputation means we have the best and most experienced community managers. We put a team of over twenty at your fingertips. We collaborate to best utilise the range of minds, skills, and knowledge available. With the Quiip team, you know you’re receiving superior community management.

We protect your brand from risk:

  • We know the nuances of community management and online behaviour. Whether it’s interpreting cloaked threats,  or understanding how to influence your audience, or mitigating risk to your brand before it becomes a crisis – there are some things only time can teach you.

We provide invaluable resourcing:

  • The depth of our community managers’ experience means they’ve built on previous careers in journalism, communications, copy-writing, psychology and more. We’re a team of professional communicators. We understand your brand in the context of your objectives and audience and help to bring your digital strategy to life.


Our Values

We approach our work with preparedness and consideration. When we need to act fast, we can. Our advice is practical and actionable.

We are proud of our reputation and take pride in upholding the trust that Australia’s leading brands place in us.

We’re champions of the Australian community management industry. We network with and advocate for our peers. We’re thought-leaders who inspire the improvement of our craft.

We are adaptable to facilitate better opportunities for our clients and our team. We’re committed to being on the forefront of Future of Work as it is key to offering world-class community management.

Our work is about people: our team, our clients, our audiences and our peers. Being collaborative means we work well with all the people we deal with 24/7.

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Meet the team

Alison Michalk


I'm the CEO and Founder of Quiip, a global leader in online community management and moderation services.

Julie Delaforce

General Manager

I'm a specialist in social media and online community, and I make sure everything is better than expected.

Lauren Piro

Team Lead & Community Consultant

I'm one of Quiip's most versatile, experienced community managers and a talented copywriter.

Larah Kennedy

Team Lead & Community Consultant

I grow big communities, develop interactive Facebook apps and manage social advertising campaigns.

Kellie Barnes

Senior Community Manager

I help small businesses understand how to use social media in their marketing strategy.

Dan Stork

Community Manager

I am a passionate digital marketer and graphic designer, with experience including content production, social media strategy development and community management.

Rachel Beaney

Senior Community Manager

I am a social and digital media specialist, fluent in the generation of engaging content, community management, and social media analysis.

Erin Tierney

Community Consultant

I love working with communities full of passionate fans, who are completely engaged and switched on.

Lani Bagley

Community Manager

I'm a social media and community manager, copywriter, and online content creator.

Danielle Schwerin

Community Manager

I am a career communicator and avid believer in the two-way-conversation between organisations and their communities.

Jay Batten

Senior Community Manager

I constantly strive to achieve, and love learning, mentoring and educating others about all things social media.

Our Expertise

In addition to varied tertiary studies, our team has the following training and certifications. At Quiip we continuously look for opportunities to develop our skills and learn new ones, ensuring we support our staff to undertake ongoing education.

MG-Certified-Logo-original-150x150       feverbee_course-banner-300x87 IMDB-300asist-applied-suicide-intervention-skills-training-jpeg

A community is an organisation’s best asset.

Organisations that build, nurture and leverage communities, out-perform others. Not sure if your community is up to scratch. Get in touch, we love chatting community.

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Our culture

Quiip is a globally distributed team with no central ‘head office’. Our staff are predominantly based in Australia but we’ve had Australians working from Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Iceland, Germany, USA and UK. When you create true flexibility you source and retain the highest quality talent there is. At Quiip we believe that the freedom to work where you choose, whether home or a co-working space, means a better work-life integration and happier employees.

We have a holistic approach to our employees (Quiipees). Each year we conduct an evaluation and look at what each employee wants to achieve inside and outside of work. Goals include completing a PhD, having time off with their baby, purchasing property, learning a language, meditating and more. When you run a company you have the incredible privilege of being able to improve someone’s quality of life and this is core to what “business” means to us.

The notion of the 40 (or 60) hour week is a legacy of the long-gone days of industry and we can do better. Why not create jobs that are 10/20/30 hours a week. Not job-share, not part-time, just simply a role in itself that suits the employee. We believe in “radical flexibility”.

We’re incredibly passionate about being a responsive organisation – one that adapts to technological change and the opportunities born from it. So we look forward to doing incredible work for our clients and in turn we respect that their business allows us to create a fantastic work “place” for our employees. 

As a testament to our teams commitment we were even selected as one of Anthill Magazine’s Top 100 Cool Companies for 2016!


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