Jessica Donovan

Jessica has worked with CEO Alison and the Quiip team since 2022, with extensive professional experience within the public and private sector, in the areas of marketing, event management, operations and business development she brings a diverse set of skills to the team. Her passion lies in working with smaller companies, like Quiip, who are… Continue reading Jessica Donovan

Michelle Costello

Michelle Costello is a skilled professional in the realm of digital marketing with over 10 years experience. Her expertise spans crafting impactful campaigns and leveraging platforms such as TikTok, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads to enhance online presence and drive results. With a strong foundation in performance marketing, campaign analytics, and social media advertising, Michelle… Continue reading Michelle Costello

Gaya Subramaniam

Gaya is a community builder, engagement & communications professional with over 7 years of experience working across the social impact, not-for-profit and public sector spaces in Melbourne, Australia. She is passionate about helping organisations, who care about the systemic impact they have on the world. She helps them do this through creating dialogue and building… Continue reading Gaya Subramaniam

Londi Mujawo

Londi is a passionate Content Creator with a vast amount of experience in the marketing industry and with executing social media campaigns across various channels. She is particularly passionate about producing work that has a social-first content approach. Prior to joining Quiip, Londi managed social media, created content, ran campaigns and worked with management teams… Continue reading Londi Mujawo

Philomena Smillie

Philomena Smillie is a highly experienced creative consultant whose career to date has spanned both Australia and the UK, specialising in brand development, photography, graphic design and social media management. She has operated her own social media management business for many years while also contracting to several West Australian businesses as a marketing consultant. Philomena… Continue reading Philomena Smillie

Natasha Consolie

Natasha is a seasoned professional with over six years of experience in communications and public relations. She excels in PR, digital and social media communication and has extensive experience managing social media accounts for major clients, through daily engagement, consumer care, and influencer management. In times of crisis, Natasha has shown her agility and ability… Continue reading Natasha Consolie

Sophie Burns

Sophie Burns is a Community Manager and has been working with Quiip since 2022. In this time Sophie has been able to work on several clients such as SBS and Turning Point while also developing her online community management skills through professional development training and working closely with her experienced team mates. She is extremely… Continue reading Sophie Burns

Will Barber

Will has travelled on 5 continents, lived on 3 and finds writing third-person bios a bit weird. With over a decade working in digital, he has loads of experience in strategic planning, performance marketing, content development and community management. With stints at startups, client side and in agencies – including an award-winning run at Clemenger BBDO… Continue reading Will Barber

Bhushan Rao

Coming from the PR & communications industry, Bhushan brings a strong understanding of content both in the digital & traditional space. He specialises in B2B comms & simplifying technical / complicated messages into simple & effective comms. With his expertise in Crisis Management while dealing with the media, he brings a unique view into how… Continue reading Bhushan Rao

Louise Maloney

Louise has an extensive background in marketing, retail markets, and small business. She has managed teams and strategic outcomes in these industries, through periods of sector-wide disruptive change, and has a strong understanding of the vital role community plays in sustaining and enhancing organisational outcomes. Since she joined Quiip in early 2022, she has discovered… Continue reading Louise Maloney