As a career communicator, Danielle has worked for more than fifteen years in community management and consulting, internal and external communications, public affairs, media relations, and social media management roles for a variety of private corporations, government departments and not-for-profits.

As a Community Consultant and Quiip’s Operations Manager, Danielle brings to Quiip a wide variety strategic communication experience drawn from working both in-house and with four highly reputable agencies.

This experience has provided her a unique understanding of how best to communicate with and engage a variety of audiences and community members on a variety of topics, and allows her to bring to life integrated communications strategies and initiatives.

Danielle has a penchant for playing devil’s advocate, which makes her a fantastic contributor to Quiip’s community governance and strategy development team, as she can think through risks and devise community processes and procedures to manage or mitigate them. She has put this penchant into practice for Quiip clients including Bunnings, Kinora, Woolworths bunch, Butterfly Foundation, the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, and Adventist Healthcare.