More Gift Ideas for Community Managers

by Digital Admin December 12, 2016

The Christmas season is often a hectic time for Community and Social Media Managers, since the Internet simply refuses to shut shop on public holidays. Last year we suggested ten gifts to thank your online team, and now we’ve got ten more!

#1 Laptop Goodies

Since most of us are permanently attached to our laptops, why not give them a little flair? These wood and stone skins from Cover-Up are a Quiip team fave. Or you can go the utilitarian route with a neoprene sleeve, bumper case or tote bag.

#2 Tea and Sympathy

Caffeine is the lifeblood of all Community Managers. We looked at gift ideas for coffee lovers last year, but you can’t neglect the comfort of a cuppa. T2 has a massive range of tea blends to pair with an adorable cup, pot or infuser.

#3 Charitable Donations

Pay it forward with a donation to your CM’s favourite cause. If you’re unsure which organisation to pick, opt for a gift card like Karma Currency or MyCause which allow the recipient to redeem on the charity of their choice.

#4 TV, TV, TV!

How else do we stay abreast of all the pop culture references? DVDs are slowly going the way of the buffalo, so the smart option is a subscription to Netflix, Stan or FoxtelPlay. If your CM is already a subscriber, go for a streaming device like AppleTV or Chromecast instead.

#5 Gadgets Galore

Little techy gadgets make great stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gifts. There are literally hundreds of practical and novelty products to choose from, but our team are big fans of Tile and Smartphone Lens Kits.

#6 A Little Self Care

Here at Quiip, we’re passionate advocates for practicising self-care as a way to manage stress and prevent burnout. Beyond the standard massage voucher, why not hire your CM a cleaner for the day so they can relax? Encourage regular practice with a subscription to Headspace or Happi Habits.

#7 Occupy Idle Hands

Maybe it’s all that caffeine, but we tend to do our best thinking when we have something in our hands to play with! While we wait for our Fidget Cubes to ship, occupy those hands with a bubble wrap calendar or stress ball.

#8 Creative Inspiration

Even the most creative minds can draw a blank every now and then. Keep inspiration on hand with pocket-sized writing prompts, KikkiK quotes cards to adorn your desk, or a waterproof Aquanotes pad for when genius strikes at the most inconvenient of times.

#9 Office Upgrades

When your desk becomes a second home, an ergonomic upgrade can go a long way. IKEA produce an affordable sit/stand desk used by our own Quiipees. If someone in your office insists on eating canned tuna, or you don’t have many open windows, an air purifier is another excellent choice.

#10 A Holiday

No, not an overseas vacation – although we doubt anyone would complain. The most valuable gift you can give your Community Manager is time off to spend with their loved ones and relax screen-free. If you need to arrange holiday cover for your community, Quiip can help.


Tell us – what’s on your Christmas wish list?